The Centràl, a.k.a. CTRL

In August 1991, a new NYC aqua tunnel turned the Central Park reservoir, once the most crucial part of the city’s water system, into a useless 106-acre algae collector. Years later, the pressure from federal officials, growing repository maintenance costs, and constant risk of microbiological contamination still can’t force municipal agencies to come up with an equitable solution.

What to do with the most famous invisible landmark in the world? The answer may lay in another event known as the August Coup of 1991, which led to the end of the Cold War, transnational integration processes all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas, growing interest in the global protection of human rights, and the long-awaited revival of the “golden age” of the World Federalism movement.

However, unlike the years followed establishing the United Nations, that matter didn’t become the privileged domain of planetary gurus like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Winston Churchill. In this particular case, ordinary neophytes from Ireland to Bangladesh take all advantages of the “amateur hour” of Web 2.0 Revolution, and express their personal opinions with their web entries.

This wouldn’t be possible without the third milestone of August 1991. This is when CERN publicized its remarkable technological innovation called the World Wide Web that produced the worldwide Blogosphere phenomenon, online discussions about the future of that Civil War anachronism in the middle of Manhattan, repeated calls to “Tear Down This Fence,” and the birth of this project. Which happened on October 8.

So what this project is about?   

It’s about the Vatican-sized entity in the middle of New York Central Park containing a billion gallons of useless water.

The most important question is what to do with this mere now?

The Central Park reservoir was built to distribute fresh water to New Yorkers.

After the upstate aqueducts solved this problem, there have been proposals to turn these acres into a beach area or a yacht club for Manhattan uber-privileged.

There is an alternative to this venture.

We can claim this place as a site for the Biggest, the Tallest, the most Elegant and Innovative Structure in the history of our civilization.

The Central, a.k.a. CTRL.

What would be the purpose of this structure?

Most of the futurologists agree that by the end of this century the majority of countries will form some sort of a World Federation.

In other words, a hundred years from now the White House will be the home of a mid-sized museum, the Capitol – a big recreation area, the Block P (a.k.a. Pentagon) – the largest housing project, maybe the residence of some New Age hippie community. But the fate of the planet will be decided someplace else. Most likely – in the City of New York.